Strawberry Funnel Cake Fries Recipe: How To

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Today, we’re going to be looking at a strawberry funnel cake fries recipe. Plus a selection of dipping sauces you may like to try alongside the strawberry dipping sauce. Funnel cake is a staple whenever I visit a theme park or carnival. Sweet, crisp, and absolutely delicious – but let’s be honest, eating an entire funnel cake can be messy, and sometimes you just want a small treat. This is where funnel cake fries come in. And they taste even more incredible paired with a strawberry dipping sauce. Let’s take a closer look.

What Are Funnel Cake Fries?

You’ll probably already be familiar with a funnel cake, and to put it simply – funnel cake fries are made exactly the same way! But instead of being presented in a circular, cake-like fashion, they’re served as finger food! They look exactly like French fries, but instead are small fried rectangles of batter. They’re usually served with an array of dipping sauces, such as strawberry, caramel, chocolate or marshmallow.

Ingredients in funnel cake fries

The ingredients in funnel cake fries may vary slightly depending on the recipe you’re following. However, our recipe contains the following ingredients:

  • vegetable/canola oil
  • all-purpose flour
  • sugar
  • baking powder
  • salt
  • milk
  • beaten eggs

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Nutritional information of funnel cake fries

You may be curious at the nutritional value of funnel cake fries. Let’s be honest – we all know they’re not the healthiest choice, but they sure are tasty! Each serving contains the following:

  • Calories: 340
  • Fat: 13g
  • Cholesterol: 20mg
  • Sodium: 170mg
  • Carbs: 54g
  • Sugar: 37g
  • Protein: 2g
  • Dietary Fiber: 0g

Strawberry Funnel Cake Fries Recipe

Let’s get down to the reason you’re here – how to make funnel cake fries, and an incredible strawberry dipping sauce to match. Funnel cake fries are easier to make than you may have first imagined. And it takes no time at all. The recipe we’re looking at is inspired by one from Tasty.


The ingredients you’ll need for this recipe are:



Now all you need to do is:

Step 1: Prepare

Gather all of the ingredients you need for this recipe. Using a deep pan, or a fryer, heat at least one inch of oil over a medium heat. You should only start to add the fries when the temperature reaches 375F.

Step 2: Make the batter

Grab a bowl and add the flour, salt, baking powder, and sugar. Mix the ingredients well. Now gradually add the milk and beaten eggs to the bowl of dry ingredients. Stir with a rubber spatula (preferably) until the consistency reaches a thick batter.

Step 3: Make the fries

Place the batter into a squeeze bottle. Individually squeeze some of the batter into the oil in the shape of a fry. Leave in the oil for around 30-45 seconds, before turning them over and leaving for another 30-45 seconds. Once golden brown, remove from oil and leave on paper towels or a paper wire rack. Continue until add the batter has been used. Enjoy!

Dipping Sauces Recipes

Let’s move onto the dipping sauces. There are so many available that go perfectly with funnel cake fries, but these are my favorites. Let’s take a closer look.

Strawberry dipping sauce


The ingredients you’ll need for this recipe are:

  • 2 cups of finely chopped strawberries
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • juice of a lemon


Now all you need to do is:

Grab a pot or small pan, and add the strawberries, juice, and sugar and mix well. Bring the ingredients to a boil over a high heat, and then reduce to a low heat and leave to simmer for around 25-30 minutes. At this point, the mixture should have thickened and be ideal for dipping. Remove from heat and pour into a dipping pot until ready to serve.

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Marshmallow dipping sauce


The ingredients you’ll need for this recipe are:

  • 2 cups of mini marshmallows
  • 2 tablespoons of room temp unsalted butter


Now all you need to do is:

Place the butter and marshmallows into a bowl. Place in the microwave for around 30 seconds, remove and stir. Put back into the microwave for a further 30 seconds and stir until completely smooth. Your dip is ready to serve.


I hope this post has helped you to become more familiar with a strawberry funnel cake fries recipe, as well as how to make some of the tastiest dipping sauces available. No matter which occasion you’re celebrating, these bite-sized funnel fries are the perfect treat for all the family.

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to making funnel cake fries? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. Sharing is caring!


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