How to Make Grey Icing Without Black?

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How to Store Frosting?

Frosting is used to add a layer of sweetness and moisture to cakes, cupcakes, or cookies. It’s important that frosting be refrigerated so the ingredients stay fresh for longer periods. The most common way to store frosty batter is by making it into balls and chilling in the refrigerator covered with wax paper sheets. The … Read more

How Long Is Buttercream Icing Good for?

Buttercream icing is a type of confectionery which consists of butter, powdered sugar, egg whites and vanilla extract. It is used as an ice cream topping or on desserts such as cupcakes and crepes to decorate them with a smooth white layer. Buttercream icing is a type of frosting that can be kept at room … Read more

How to Make Buttercream Taste Less Buttery?

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How to Make Coral Color Fondant?

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How to Soften Canned Frosting?

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How to Color Fondant Gold?

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How to Make Pink Icing for Cupcakes?

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How to Make Grass Frosting?

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How Long to Freeze Cake Before Frosting?

If you’re making a cake, it’s important to freeze the cake so that it sets into its final shape. The best way to do this is by putting the cake into the freezer for about an hour before frosting and decorating. If you leave it in too long, however, ice crystals will begin forming on … Read more