How to Fix Curdled Swiss Meringue Buttercream?

The most common problem with this buttercream is that it often separates due to its high water content. If you want to fix your Swiss Meringue Buttercream, keep these tips in mind: 1) Fold the mixture over itself so that the air bubbles are pushed from one side of the bowl into a corner and … Read more

How to Make Icing Black?

Icing can be tricky to get right. Here’s a recipe for how to make your black icing perfect every time! Black frosting is a favorite for many cake decorators, but it can be difficult to make without cocoa powder. Here are some ways to make black frosting without cocoa powder. The “how to make black … Read more

How to Moisten Fondant?

Fondant has a reputation for being dry and difficult to work with. This is partially due to its many shortening ingredients, which are notorious for drying out the fondant. If you want your cakes or cookies moistened without adding too much moisture, there’s an easy way! The “How to fix dry fondant on cake” is … Read more

How to Thin out Buttercream Icing?

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How to Make Black Royal Icing Without Black Food Coloring?

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How to Make Camo Icing for Cupcakes?

Icing is a key part to creating pretty and delicious cupcakes. It’s also easy to make with homemade ingredients like sugar, egg whites, and food colorings. You can add it to your favorite cake recipe or use one of these ideas for other projects as well! How to make camo cupcakes is a question that … Read more

How Many Calories In a Cupcake with Frosting?

When it comes to cooking, quantity is not everything. Texture and taste are also key. Put some thought into the type of frosting you choose for your cupcake, as well as how many calories a cake can actually have before hitting that “too much” sweet spot. A homemade cupcake with buttercream has about 200 calories. … Read more

How to Make Frosting Look Like Water?

There are many different ways to make frosting look like water. You can add food coloring and mix it with a small amount of milk, use flavored gelatin (like raspberry or cherry), or stir in flour before spreading icing on top. The “how to make frosting look like waves” is a fun activity that can … Read more

How to Fix Lumpy Frosting?

A visitor to a bakery’s website follows the instructions for making frosting and then tries to put it on top of their cake. They end up with a mess, like that seen in the picture at left: lumpy, uneven clumps from which some pieces have fallen off. What cause this? The “how to get rid … Read more

How Long Can Fondant Be Stored?

The beautiful thing about fondant is that you can store it in the fridge for up to a week. The “how to store fondant in fridge” is a question that has been asked many times. The general rule of thumb is that the fondant should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. … Read more