How Many Calories IN Chocolate Cake with Frosting?

Last Updated on February 12, 2022

It’s hard to say how many calories are in a piece of cake, because the exact amount will depend on what type of frosting and filling is used. Some cakes have more or less than others. The calorie count can also differ depending on if you eat it by itself, or with milk and fruits for example. However, most baked goods contain about 190-200 grams per 100 gm serving., so this would be roughly around 300-330 kcal.,

Chocolate cake is a popular treat, but how many calories are in chocolate cake without frosting? Find out below.

How many calories are in homemade chocolate frosting?

A: This is a difficult question to answer because there are many different ways that homemade chocolate frosting can be made. However, if you make a small batch of chocolate frosting and it has about 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder in it, then the amount of calories would be about 120.


A slice of cake with frosting has around 400 calories. Reference: calories in a slice of cake with icing.

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