Why Is My Cookie Dough Sticky? 5 Ways To Easily Fix Sticky Cookie Dough

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

Making cookie dough and cookies is the best, but it is common to have sticky dough, so why is my cookie dough sticky? You are not alone when it comes to sticky dough! As frustrating as it can be to be left with this dough, it is more common then it is rare.

Thankfully though, there are many solutions that can help you combat against the stickiness of cookie dough. Although this dough is edible, it can still cause issues with the size and consistency of your cookies. We will learn about 5 quick ways to easily fix sticky cookie dough down below!

What Is Cookie Dough?

Cookie dough is the dough that you make to bake cookies. There is no one right way to make cookie dough since there are thousands of different flavors and recipes! Instead of worrying about which recipe to choose, you should pay close attention to the instructions.

Although all recipes are different, the majority of the time cookie dough is made with eggs, some kind of liquid like water, flour, and self-rising yeast! Sometimes, the yeast though is not needed if you have self-rising flour.

Why Is My Cookie Dough Sticky?

 How do you fix crumbly cookie dough?

When looking into why is my cookie dough sticky, it is easy to feel discouraged and nervous. But, there are many possible reasons that your cookie dough is sticky. Sometimes, it is as easy as adding too much water. You see, water is actually considered a ‘sticky’ liquid because of the hydrogen bonds.

If you add too much water to your cookie dough mix, this could be the answer to why is my cookie dough sticky! The water and the flour react to each other because of the hydrogen bonds, causing issues with stickiness.

Although water can cause cookie dough to feel sticky, this is not the only culprit! Some cookie doughs are sticky because there is too much flavoring. Since most flavoring is made with sticky and sugar filled liquids, it is no wonder that dough and the surrounding area becomes sticky!

5 Ways To Easily Fix Sticky Cookie Dough

When you find out why is my cookie dough sticky, you will also be able to learn solutions that could fix the stickiness and ultimately save your cookie dough. Listed down below are 5 solutions to a sticky cookie dough.

1. Add More Flour

Since the primary reason that we know why is my cookie dough sticky is because it is too wet, it could be beneficial to add more flour. Always add a little bit of a time though. Cookie dough is easy to make and yet one ingredient that has too much can ruin the entire measurements.

Now that we know water is a sticky liquid, we need to carefully add more flour and refrain from using too much water. First, coat your hands with a small amount of flour and work it into the cookie dough. Continue this until it is the right consistency.

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2. Less Eggs

Usually, liquids and light ingredients are what causes a cookie dough to become sticky. For example, if you use too many eggs in your recipes, this cause cause the cookie dough to run. If you notice that a recipe you use often creates a runny and thin consistency, I recommend using one less egg then recommended.

Sometimes, less eggs is not enough. Another common complain about sticky and watery cookie dough is that there is too much oil. Use only a small amount at a time. Instead of pouring the fully measured amount out, add a small amount at a time. You can do half of the measurement until it is fully blended and mixed into the dough.

3. More Butter

Believe it or not, butter can also save the day! If you are not using eggs, try butter! Not only is this an alternative that is perfect for those of us with egg allergies, but it reduces the stickiness of the dough. Since butter tends to be soft and slippery, this has the opposite effect.

Butter can also change the taste and add a small taste of salt that works well with the delicious cookie dough!

4. Try Yogurt

Have you ever used yogurt in a cookie dough recipe? Although yogurt is another liquid, it is a liquid that is soft and thick. You won’t have to worry about the thin and light consistency of cookie dough if you use yogurt and self-rising flour.

If you want to add any toppings to the yogurt and flour cookies, you can! If you want to thicken your cookie dough though, it may be better to add flour or other thick cooking/baking powders. Yogurt is also a great solution for dry and crumbling cookie doughs. It is a versatile ingredient perfect for baking!

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5. Dairy Alternatives

In my years of cooking, something I noticed when making cookies and desserts is that dairy alternatives did a great job of adding texture, flavor, and a slipperiness to pastries. If you are thinking of making a cookie dough with only water or whole milk, I recommend looking into dairy milk alternatives.

No longer will you have to wonder why is my cookie dough sticky, but how can I fix my cookie dough with alternative dairy products! Almond, soy, and lactose free milk all have a similarity; they are thicker then regular animal milk. The thickness though can assist in creating the best and most delicious cookie dough!


There is a lot that can go wrong when making delicious cookie dough recipes! Even something as small as adding too much water or flavoring can cause problems. While we do not usually think of sticky when it comes to water, the molecules do create this feeling.

Hopefully you have learned something new about the many solutions and answers to why is my cookie dough sticky! Let us know in the comments if you still have questions or concerns regarding cookie dough and its stickiness! We are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions on your mind!


How do you fix crumbly cookie dough?

Fixing crumbly cookie dough is easy, you need to add more liquid! Slowly add more water. Cookie dough crumbles when it is too dry.

How do you know if you overmix cookie dough?

When you overmix cookie dough, the dough can start to run almost like water.

What is cookie dough supposed to look like?

Cookie dough is supposed to be thick and yet soft enough to maneuver in your hands. While it should be sticky, it should not look like liquid.

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