6 Pampered Chef Cookie Press Recipes- Quick And Delicious

Last Updated on August 9, 2022

Are you interested in finding diverse and innovative pampered chef cookie press recipes? Listed below are approximately six cookie dough recipe ideas to use in these amazing cookie design tools! There are way more to choose from and the possibilities are endless!

If you are lucky enough to own a pampered chef cookie press, you will be happy to know that these cookie presses are easy to use, clean, and take care of. They are also in demand and can be found online! If you are a beginner with a new pampered chess cookie press, you will be able to follow along easily with the recipes listed below.

What Is A Pampered Chef Cookie Press?

First, before we can dive into the many different pampered chef cookie press recipes, we should know what a pampered chef cookie press is. These amazing tools and devices are cookie presses with multiple accessories and attachments to change the top design of the cookie.

Pampered chef cookie presses have been around since the 16th century, according to some cookie experts. There are a lot of debates over when this device was created since it has seen many changes. Cookies like Italian cookies and other holiday cultural sweets use cookie presses for the unique top shapes.

The History Of Sweet Cookies

 Can I use parchment paper with a cookie press?

In the United States, the history of cookies is only recent. Not everyone had access or money to constantly purchase expensive goods like sugar, chocolate, or flour. However, as these items became easily accessible, we found more households making freshly baked cookies.

From what we know, the history of sweet cookies begins in 7th century A.D. The first cookie-cake was made by the Persians as they were one of the first countries to cultivate and use sugar throughout their country. Cakes and delicious pastries were common in Persia.

How To Use A Pampered Cookie Press

There are a lot of pampered chef cookie press recipes to consider, however, we need to know how to use the device. First, without cookie dough, the pampered cookie press is useless. Once you have the right type of cookie dough, you can set up your pampered cookie press.

Read the instructions. Afterwards, add the cookie dough into the tube. Before this, though, choose a disk accessory in the shape of your desired cookies. The disk should slide in easily and make it quick for your pampered chef cookie press recipes.

Add the plunger to the tube and press slightly to release any air inside of the cookie dough log. Squeeze the plunger down into the dough to create cookies. You will need to quickly release it onto a cookie dough sheet or parchment paper so that the cookies release quickly and without any disturbances in shape or design.

Why Do People Use A Cookie Press?

There are so many benefits to finding delicious pampered chef cookie press recipes, and also using cookie presses in general. For example, if you are making many cookies for a large group of people and want them to look uniform, the best way to do this is by using a cookie press.

The cookie press uses the same disc, meaning the shape and the design of your pampered chef cookie press recipes stays consistent. Not only this, but it is a time saver! Instead of rolling out the dough and using cookie cutters, over and over again, you can rely on one tool to press cookies and release them onto a baking sheet/pan.

Usually, people use cookie presses and pampered chef cookie press recipes during the holidays. A lot of the discs or attachments have beautiful designs used with popular cookies like Italian sugar cookies.

How To Clean A Cookie Press

When cleaning a cookie press machine, you should start by getting rid of the cookie dough inside. Sometimes, when cookie dough warms up and melts, it gets stuck inside of pampered chef cookie presses. This can make it very hard to clean the tool.

If you are struggling to scrape old cookie dough off of the cookie press, fill a large bowl with warm or hot water. The water does not need to be boiling. Afterwards, place the tube into the water and dunk it for at least two minutes. Take this tube out before the water cools.

Use light dish soap to scrub at hard-to-reach spots. Some tubes are really thin. If your hand does not fit inside of the tube with a sponge, I recommend using a small brush or even a toothbrush to get hard-to-reach places. If these pieces are not clean, they can rust or develop mold and bacteria in dark and humid containers and storage.

Tips And Tricks On Using Pampered Chef Cookie Press Recipes

 How do I use my Pampered Chef cookie press?

I have a few tips and tricks for you to consider using with your pampered chef cookie press recipes. First, consider the recipes. There are so many to choose from! I recommend making snickerdoodle cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, lemon cookies, and chocolate fudge cookies.

However, try not to use cookie dough that is too cold or frozen. If you press down on the handle too hard, this can actually cause the lever or the plunger to break or bend. Not only this but the accessory/disc can also break off of the cookie press if too much force is used.


What do you think about our list of pampered chef cookie press recipes? Have you found an interesting cookie recipe you want to try with the beautiful and elegant patterns and accessories? Let us know in the comment section below! Always make sure to clean your cookie press as the sticky dough uses sugar and can attract bugs.

Taking care of your cookie press will help it last longer. You can also use your cookie press for other desserts like brownies and cake bites. Do you know anyone with a pampered chef cookie press that wants to learn cookie press recipes? Share these recipes with them!


Can I use parchment paper with a cookie press?

You should not place parchment paper inside of a cookie press, however, you can place one under. For example, squeezing the cookie dough into the disk and on a piece of parchment paper can help release the cookie from the tube and disc.

Can you use any cookie dough in a cookie press?

Not all cookie doughs are the same. If the cookie dough is too wet or sticky, for instance, or has too many textured items like raisins or chocolate chips, this can cause the tool to stop working or break.

How do I use my Pampered Chef cookie press?

First, you need to put your pampered chef cookie press together by finding the plunger, tube, and the disc accessories. Afterwards, stuff the cookie press with the right cookie dough. Use the plunger to take out any excess air and squeeze the desired shape and size of your cookies.

What else can I use my cookie press for?

You can also use a cookie press to make other recipes that use dough, like cookie cakes and decorations!

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