How To Tell If A Pumpkin Pie Is Done In 5 Quick And Delicious Ways

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

The hardest part about making pumpkin pie is figuring out how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done. Since the pumpkin pie filling is light and does move, it can be hard to understand when this delicious pie is complete. Thankfully, not only do we have a light recipe listed below, but also five quick and delicious ways to tell when a pumpkin pie is done.

Pumpkin pies are a favorite in my household, which is why I am excited to share with you the secrets of how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done. You will no longer be nervous to bake pumpkin pies and take them out to early!

What Is Pumpkin Pie?

So, what exactly is a pumpkin pie? When I think of pumpkin pie, my mind automatically wanders to thanksgiving, but interestingly pumpkin pie has been around long before the pilgrims came to North America. Pumpkin pie is a timeless tradition.

It is a pie made with a simply golden crust. The center of the golden crust holds a sweet pumpkin puree. Although pumpkin is usually enjoyed as a winter/fall squash in soups and stews, you can also enjoy this delicious orange squash inside of sweets! Pumpkin spice is a common flavor enjoyed by many.

The History Of America Pumpkin Pie

 Can you undercook pumpkin pie?

So, what is the history of pumpkin pie? Although we did not refer to pumpkin pie until the 13th to 14th century, the idea of a pie made with squash has been around for thousands of years. There is evidence that the indigenous people of the Americas frequently made a dough with corn flour and water.

The dough held sweet and savory squashes inside. The pie that we know today as American pumpkin pie though is much different from what the Native Americans would make. Instead, pumpkin pie now has its main roots in French cuisines.

The first pumpkin pie that was written about using these exact words was in the early 1600s. During the early 1600s, a famous French chef wrote various ingredients and instructions on how to make a pumpkin pie. It was simple, boil pumpkin slices and chunks with milk and strain to get a perfect puree.

How To Make Pumpkin Pie

Making a pumpkin pie takes a lot of steps, but has become easier! You need to first choose a good pumpkin that has plenty of edible squash inside. Once you have chosen one, it is a process to peel the outside layer and cut the pumpkin into chunks.

If you do not want to go through this entire process, you can make it simpler by purchasing a can of pumpkin puree. This would not only make it easier for you, but it also decreases the time it takes to make the pumpkin pie. Since most pumpkin pies use dairy and eggs, it is vital to bake the pumpkin pie thoroughly.

How To Tell If A Pumpkin Pie Is Done In 5 Ways

1. Knife Test

The easiest way that you can learn how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done is by using the knife test. This is a common test when you are baking delicious goods and desserts. You will need to stab the center of the pumpkin pie with a knife. Make sure that the knife pierces through the center.

The thing with this strategy on how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done, is that sometimes the knife can come back clean, which indicates that the pumpkin pie is cooked, but the rest of the pie is still soft and jiggly.

 How do you know if pumpkin pie is overcooked?

2. Jiggle Test

I also recommend trying to jiggle test when learning how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done. When using the jiggle test, all you need to do is lightly move the pie back and forth. If the pie puree moves too much and starts to almost spill over, it is not complete.

3. Taste Test

What about a taste test? Who doesn’t love and enjoy a pumpkin pie taste test? Take a small piece of the pumpkin pie from the pumpkin pie as it is baking. Try to cool the piece so you do not burn your lips. Take a bite. The consistency should be thick and smooth. If it is still liquid, it is not ready!

4. Non-Bake Recipes

What about non-bake recipes? My favorite thing about cooking is getting creative by finding various other recipes to use. Did you know that you can tell how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done by using a non-bake recipe? It is easy! You can eve buy cans and pumpkin pie kits. Most of the time, these recipes do not call for dairy products that spoil.

5. Non-Dairy Recipes

Possibly the best way how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done is by simply choosing a recipe that does not have perishable items. If your pie does not have perishable ingredients, this means you won’t have to worry if your pie is raw. Instead, bake it so that the crust is golden and the pumpkin puree blends into the pie crust.

With non-dairy recipes though, you may still need to bake the crust depending if it is raw. You can always purchase a pie crust though as they are inexpensive and easy to use!


It is not easy to figure out how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done. Although this is the case, there are about 5 tips and tricks listed above that can help you understand when your pumpkin pie is done. This delicious dessert is a favorite, but has a strange consistency when it is overcooked and undercooked.

It is normal for a pie to still have some movement, but the puree/mixture/filling should not be jiggling enough to pour out in a liquid form. Have you learned anything new about how to tell if a pumpkin pie is done? Let us know in the comments below! We are excited to hear from you and your friends and family.

 Why is my pumpkin pie still jiggly?


Can you undercook pumpkin pie?

You can definitely undercook a pumpkin pie. When a pumpkin pie is undercooked, the pie jiggles and moves. It is too soft.

How do you know if pumpkin pie is overcooked?

A pumpkin pie is overcooked when the top is burnt. Although it is good to have a pumpkin pie that is firm, it should not be as hard as a rock by the time you take it out of the oven.

Will pumpkin pie thicken as it cools?

Yes! Pumpkin pies will thicken as the pie cools. This is natural and nothing to be alarmed of. However, your knife should be clean and clear when you pass it through.

Why is my pumpkin pie still jiggly?

Sometimes a pumpkin pie appears jiggly after it is cooked because it needs time to settle. However, if you take a piece and notice that it is still liquid, you should place it back in the oven.

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