How to Stick Fondant to Buttercream?

Last Updated on January 26, 2022

The key to a beautiful cake is in the details. A few tricks will make your fondant look perfect and won’t affect the taste of your dessert.

The “fondant on buttercream problems” is a common issue that many cake decorators face. The article will discuss how to solve the problem, and what the best way to stick fondant to buttercream is.

How long do you leave buttercream before fondant?

A: This is a tough question to answer. It really depends on the type of fondant you are using and how much buttercream you have. If you are using a light-weight fondant, then it should be fine to leave it for about 10 minutes before adding in the fondant. If you are using a heavy-weight fondant, then I would recommend waiting at least 20 minutes before adding in the fondant.

The “fondant glue substitute” is a product that can be used to stick fondant to buttercream. The product, which is made from flour and water, comes in a jar with a brush attached. It dries clear and leaves no residue on the cake.

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