How to Keep Buttercream from Crusting?

Last Updated on January 22, 2022

The crumbly, crunchy mess that is buttercream can be a nightmare to work with. Learn how you can avoid getting stuck in the same situation by following this simple guide for working with cake icing and frosting.

When you make buttercream, it’s easy to end up with a crust on top. This is due to the sugar in the buttercream hardening as it cools and forms crystals. The crust can be used for decoration or removed before serving.

Why does my buttercream feel grainy?

A: The buttercream you are using may have been over whipped. This will cause it to become grainy and clumpy. You can fix this by adding in more powdered sugar, but make sure not to add too much or else the frosting will be too thick.

To keep buttercream from crusting, you have to be very careful not to overmix it. This can be done by using a whisk and folding the mixture in half with each turn. Reference: crusting buttercream uk.

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