How to Cover Styrofoam with Fondant?

Last Updated on March 9, 2022

Learning how to cover your fondant with styrofoam is a good way to create the perfect finish for any cake. It doesn’t mean you have to use this technique every time–you can always ice over it, or even just leave it bare if you want. But by learning these tricks, you will know when and where they should be applied!.

Fondant is a type of sugar-based icing that can be used to cover any cake. It’s easy to work with, and it will last for a long time. In order to make the fondant look more realistic, you’ll need to use some additional tools such as food coloring and edible image transfers.

How do you cover a cake with fondant for beginners?

A: Beginners should start with a simple buttercream frosting. This is easy to make and can be used for many different cakes. To cover the cake in fondant, you will need to have a rolled out piece of fondant on your work surface, as well as some royal icing. You will also need a rolling pin and some parchment paper.

How do you decorate a Styrofoam cake?

A: You can use a variety of different methods to decorate your cake. One method is to use frosting, which you can either buy premade or make yourself. Another option is to use icing sugar, which you can buy in bulk and then mix with water or milk to create a paste that will stick onto the cake.


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