How Long Can Pumpkin Pie Last In The Fridge? 4 Delicious And Unique Ways To Use Leftover Pumpkin Pie

Last Updated on May 10, 2022

Do you have pumpkin pie sitting in your fridge? Then, you might be wondering to yourself how long can pumpkin pie last in the fridge? Sadly, there is no one answer to this question as it depends on the ingredients you use in your baking as well as the temperature you set your fridge to.

While following along with this blog though, you will learn about pumpkin pie, the history of it, and what to do with leftover pumpkin pie. It is important to know the shelf life of this delicious dish as it does go bad over time and eating bad pumpkin pie has negative effects!

What Is Pumpkin Pie?

When I think of pumpkin pie, I think of the holidays almost immediately. My mouth begins to water! I love making desserts and pumpkin pie has to be the easiest to make both from scratch and from cans. Pumpkin pie is a type of pie that mainly uses a pumpkin puree in the center.

It usually only needs to bake for 20-40 minutes before it is ready. Pumpkin pie not only tastes like pumpkin but will leave your home smelling like it too!

The History Of Pumpkin Pie

 Can you eat 2 week old pumpkin pie?

You would think that the history of pumpkin pie is a long one, but this is actually not the case. The history of pumpkin pie dates back to 1536. While this is the case in Europe, in South American countries, there have been festivals dedicated to deserts and foods using squashes similar to the pumpkins used today in pies.

Pumpkin pie and pumpkins have been around since the beginning of the U.S. When the first pilgrims started to come to the U.S, when it was still a colony, pumpkins were growing everywhere! In no time, the people living in these towns found ways to create these delicious pies and meals from gourds.

How Long Can Pumpkin Pie Last In The Fridge?

Here is the big question, how long can pumpkin pie last in the fridge? The answer depends on a few factors like the ingredients as well as the temperature of your refrigerator. If your fridge is not cooling then this can cause a pumpkin pie to only last a few days.

When looking at how long can pumpkin pie last in the fridge, you should focus on also making space. When the fridge is full of ingredients and objects, this actually causes the fridge to work harder, which can make the temperature take hours to drop and regulate.

If your fridge is working well and the ingredients are not milk-based, then a pumpkin pie can last almost two whole weeks in the fridge. Please keep in mind that you should also add a cover to the leftover pumpkin pie so that it is not exposed to bacteria or other food particles which can cause it to go bad faster.

4 Delicious And Unique Ways to Use Leftover Pumpkin Pie

There are more then just four delicious and unique ways to use leftover pumpkin pie. However, the most common four are down below that I have experience with.

 Can you freeze pumpkin pie?

Blend It Into A Milkshake

If you cannot figure out how long can pumpkin pie last in the fridge, then it is time to try a new and creative way to eat the leftover pumpkin pie. Do you like milkshakes? Well, you are in for a treat! You can blend a slice of pumpkin pie with milk, water, and any other ingredients to make a deliciously blended milkshake.

This is really popular in my home during the holidays when we are left with too many leftovers.

Eat It For Breakfast

Who says you cannot enjoy pumpkin pie or desserts for breakfast? Sometimes, eating a delicious slice of pumpkin pie can actually make your morning feel lighter and brighter. I recommend trying to eat a slice for breakfast. You can get creative if you would like and also eat breakfast for dinner by switching it up!

Add whip cream and eat it with bacon. The sweet and savory notes may surprise you.

Give Leftover Pumpkin Pie To Friends

The easiest way to get rid of leftover pumpkin pie before it goes bad it to try and give away as much of it as possible. You see, pumpkin pie is a favorite any time of the year! You can always give away pumpkin pie to friends and family and they will likely appreciate it!

 Does pumpkin pie go bad in the fridge?

If you want to store it for later or don’t have enough room in your fridge, you can also place these delicious pumpkin pies in the freezer. They are easy to defrost. All you need to do is leave the pumpkin pie out of the freezer and in the fridge for about 24 hours. Make sure that you keep the cover on at all times though!

Pumpkin Pie Pancakes!

Another breakfast idea is to make pumpkin pie pancakes out of the leftover pumpkin pie slices. This is actually really easy. Use the mix as you would usually use it, however, add the pumpkin pie puree. Scoop out the pumpkin parts of the pie and blend or whisk it well into the pancakes.

These delicious holiday and fall-themed pancakes are sure to be a hit in your home. They are also a great way to combat the question of how long will pumpkin pie last in the fridge.


All in all, pumpkin pie is delicious and no one wants to let it go bad. However, after a few days of eating nothing but pumpkin pie, it is natural to tire of it. Thankfully, there are four creative ways listed above to use leftover pumpkin pie before it goes bad.

If you suspect that your pumpkin pie is no longer good, don’t eat it! Hopefully, through this blog, you have learned something new about how long can pumpkin pie last in the fridge. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or comments and feel free to share the answer to how long can pumpkin pie last in the fridge!


Can you eat 2 week old pumpkin pie?

The answer to this question depends on the method of preservation. If the 2 week old pie was left outside of the fridge, it is not recommended. However, if you placed the pumpkin pie in the freezer or fridge, as long as there is no smell or sign of mold, it should be good to eat!

Can you freeze pumpkin pie?

Yes! Freezing pumpkin pie is easy and a great method if you have the space to accommodate it.

How can you tell if pumpkin pie is bad?

Pumpkin pie when it goes bad has a smell that is close to spoiled milk. Not only does this smell occur, but usually white spots grow on top of the pumpkin puree, a type of mold and bacteria.

Does pumpkin pie go bad in the fridge?

Sadly, pumpkin pie does have an expiration date, even if you place it in the fridge.

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