How Long Are Cinnamon Rolls Good For? 4 Easy Ways To Preserve Cinnamon Rolls

Last Updated on December 23, 2022

It is normal to wonder how long are cinnamon rolls good for, especially after a weekend morning making these delicious treats! Thankfully though, you are in luck! There are so many ways to preserve these delicious cinnamon rolls, meaning you won’t have to watch them go bad.

Cinnamon rolls on average usually last a long time. This is especially true about the store-bought ones where all that is left to do is bake them! Ready to learn more about how long are cinnamon rolls good for as well as different solutions to make these delicious sweets last longer?

What Are Cinnamon Rolls

So, what are cinnamon rolls? Most of us immediately start picturing large, warm, and freshly baked sweet rolls. Don’t let the word ‘rolls’ fool you though, this delicious treat is definitely more like a cake or dessert. Although the dish is mainly made from a sweet bread dough, the bread or roll is covered in sugar frosting, cinnamon, and raisins.

Cinnamon rolls look like large swirls with cinnamon throughout the center. They are easy to make, especially if you purchase the dough already made. You can consume cinnamon rolls during breakfast, lunch, and even as a dessert after dinner. They are surprisingly versatile rolls!

The History Of Cinnamon Rolls

 Can cinnamon roll dough go in fridge?

I always like to look into the general history behind the dishes I made, which is why I am excited to not only share with you how long are cinnamon rolls good for, but also the history behind them. I was surprised to find out that the history behind these rolls is not very long at all.

Actually, the first cinnamon rolls were made during the 18th century, kind of! It is hard to pinpoint the exact year or decade that this dish began to grow in popularity, because there are many global dishes made from the same ingredients that appear similarly.

From what we do know though, the large rolled and sticky cinnamon rolls we now know and love today was made in Sweden first. These actually became so popular in Sweden that there is a national cinnamon roll day in the country that is deeply celebrated every year.

How Long Are Cinnamon Rolls Good For?

Now, on to the hard question, how long are cinnamon rolls good for? Sadly, there are only estimates because there are dozens of different preservation types. Some people, for example, don’t place the cinnamon rolls in the fridge, but leave it in a tight container.

When that is the case, cinnamon rolls last longer and can be good until two weeks. The thing with using different methods though is that the flavor and the texture can change. Truthfully, it is best to eat cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven as they are still soft and melt in your mouth.

4 Easy Ways To Preserve Cinnamon Rolls

 How can you tell if dough has gone bad?

We have plenty of options when it comes to preserving cinnamon rolls. The most common and popular four ways are listed below.

1. Room Temperature

Most people don’t do anything special when preserving and putting away their cinnamon rolls. Instead, they place the leftover cinnamon rolls in large Tupperware containers and sit it down in the counter or a safe place like the microwave.

Since the ingredients used to bake cinnamon rolls have already been cooked into the dough, this means that there is a low risk of bacteria and food poisoning. Although this is true, you should always cover food! Never leave cinnamon rolls outside if they are not in a container that is sealed. The sugar can attract bugs, which is not fun!

2. Refrigerator

When looking into how long are cinnamon rolls good for, it may strike your mind to place these rolls in the fridge. Although the refrigerator can preserve cinnamon rolls, this does not mean that it is a preferred method. You see, the cold air in a fridge can actually cause the dough and the bread from cinnamon rolls to harden, changing the texture.

After only one to two days in the fridge, you are likely to notice this difference. This does not mean that your cinnamon rolls are bad though, but that you need to warm them up. To warm up a cold and hard cinnamon roll, add ten seconds to your microwave or use the toaster oven feature.

3. Freezer

 How long are baked cinnamon rolls good for?

Not everyone knows this, but you can also place your leftover cinnamon rolls in the freezer! This does a great job of making your baked cinnamon rolls last long. Although it is tempting to also place cinnamon roll dough in the fridge or freezer though, that is a bad idea that will cause the dough to harden and dry out.

As long as you keep the cinnamon rolls in a bag or container, they should preserve nicely! They can last anywhere from 3-12 months in the freezer without going bad. However, the flavor may start to change.

4. Recipes

One of my favorite things to do when answering the question of how long are cinnamon rolls good for is trying to incorporate these gooey and delicious treats into other recipes. So far, I know that you can make cinnamon roll cupcakes as well as milkshakes from leftover cinnamon rolls and a few extra ingredients.

Look for a recipe that suits you! You can even cut up the cinnamon roll pieces to use for breakfast on top of your pancakes.


Now you know the answer to how long are cinnamon rolls good for- it really depends! Most of the time though, cinnamon rolls last a minimum of 5-10 days once they are completely done cooking. That being said, there are many factors that come into play when it comes to preserving foods made with sugar and dairy products.

 how long are cinnamon rolls good for

Hopefully, you have learned something interesting and new about how long are cinnamon rolls good for. It is important to consider your options if you accidentally make too much cinnamon rolls. No one likes to throw away food or waste it. Know someone else interested in knowing how long are cinnamon rolls good for? Share this blog!


How long are baked cinnamon rolls good for?

Cinnamon rolls are good for about 1-2 weeks as long as they are preserved correctly.

Can cinnamon roll dough go in fridge?

Yes! You can place cinnamon roll dough in the fridge. However, take it out fifteen minutes before you are going to use it so it can soften.

How long can cinnamon roll dough stay in fridge?

Cinnamon roll dough can stay in the fridge for about 2-3 days. However, if it is store bought and tightly sealed it can stay in the fridge for as long as 6 months.

How can you tell if dough has gone bad?

It is often hard to tell when dough goes bad because it is odorless. However, usually the dough is hard to move and touch. It breaks apart and the color starts to change.

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