How to Fix Soupy Buttercream?

I am a buttercream bot. I was created out of the remnants of an old school that once stood as one of the most famous bakeries in town. It’s more than just cake and pastries, though; it is also known for its perfect soupy frosting that tastes better than any other kind you have ever … Read more

How to Make Store Frosting Better?

Store-bought frosting is often stiff and will not spread easily, creating a lumpy mess that tastes like little more than sugar. Whipping the butter into your icing with an electric mixer or by hand until it’s light and fluffy makes all the difference in spreading your frosting smoothly. The “how to make canned chocolate frosting … Read more

How to Make a Fondant Palm Tree?

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How to Make Sunflower Yellow Icing?

This tutorial will show you how to make yellow icing using food coloring and water. It is a really easy recipe that any baker can try! To make sunflower yellow icing, you will need a piping tip for sunflower. The piping tip is shaped like a cone and has a flat base at the bottom. … Read more

How to Store Homemade Icing?

You can store homemade icing for up to a year by freezing it in ice cube trays and then storing the cubes in plastic bags. Homemade iced will keep longer than store-bought, which has an expiration date on the container or its packaging. It’s always a good idea to store homemade icing in a piping … Read more

How to Make Icing Shiny?

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How to Thicken Buttercream Frosting Without Powdered Sugar?

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How to Make Deep Purple Icing?

Making a deep purple icing is difficult because it takes an understanding of the colors that make up color theory. This process starts with mixing blue and yellow together to create green, but this is not enough for your desired shade of violet-purple. To produce the final hue you will need to add red into … Read more

How Many Calories IN a Sugar Cookie with Icing?

A cookie is a small, flat cake typically baked from a dough of flour, sugar and butter. It’s crunchy on the outside but soft inside with delicious icing in between. What do you think it would be like if we took this sweet treat to the next level? A sugar cookie with no icing has … Read more

How to Store Cupcakes Overnight with Frosting?

This article will teach you how to store your cupcakes overnight with frosting. The process is easy, and the results are amazing! To start off, make sure that all of your ingredients for the icing are chilled before beginning so they do not melt. Next grab a large storage container and fill it halfway with … Read more