How to Make Snowflakes Fondant?

Snowflakes are a simple decoration for any occasion, so why not make your own and give these treats as gifts this Christmas? This easy recipe makes an impressive amount of snowflakes in one go. Fondant snowflakes are a great way to decorate cakes and cupcakes. This tutorial will show you how to make them without … Read more

How to Make Fondant Harden?

This is a question about how to make fondant harden. Fondant is type of iced dough used for decorating cakes and cookies, so it’s not always the cake itself that you have to worry about; this recipe will help if your fondant has softened too much or become greasy. Fondant is a type of sugar-based … Read more

How to Make Store Bought Buttercream Frosting Better?

One of the most popular types of frosting is buttercream, which uses butter and powdered sugar. Although it’s easy to make your own at home, sometimes store-bought frosting just doesn’t cut it. These are some simple swaps that’ll transform your cake into a masterpiece The “add whipped cream to store-bought frosting” is a step by … Read more

How to Make a Zebra Cake with Icing?

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How to Make Coral Icing?

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How Many Calories IN a Sugar Cookie with Frosting?

Cookies are a favorite treat for many people. They generally come in two flavors, chocolate and sugar. But cookies with frosting are specially delicious! This sweet variation adds to the total amount of kilocalories per cookie. A large sugar cookie with icing has about 80 calories. A sugar cookie with frosting has about 90 calories. … Read more

How to Fix Separated Buttercream?

This cake is not a good example of buttercream because it’s separated into layers rather than being mixed. This creates different textures and a less cohesive end result. In order to fix the issue, separate the white frosting from the yellow one, mix them together on parchment paper until they’re well combined then re-spread over … Read more

How to Make Fondant Hair?

The process of making fondant hair is a bit difficult and time-consuming, but the end result will be well worth it. For those who are not familiar with this edible clay that can be used to create any shape or form you want in cake decorations, here’s what you need to get started: The “how … Read more

How to Make a Fondant Graduation Cap?

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How to Make a Rose Bud with Icing?

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